Speeding Up The Production of Native Chocolated Tabliya

I have been working on this concept for considerable time now. I have been skipping days of blogging work to make this into reality. There is no problem if I have the hefty cash. It will be as easy as asking the experts to do it for me. It is not the case so I have to do the hard work myself. I am using the least amount of money possible plus a lengthy time of thinking and experimentation.

The project is a 140 mm long native chocolate, 36 mm diameter. A ten tablets native chocolate connected to each other via narrow center. If the consumer needs just one piece, he could snap if off easily with bare hand. Same is true if he needs two, three or more.

It maybe of no big deal to consumer side but will be very convenient on manufacturer. Versus a customized polvoron type molder for tablea:

1) It will greatly increase production speed using minimal man labor. Speedier production means bigger volumes and more customers served. It is always a pain when customers order beyond our low production capacity. Hiring labor is always an option but tend to defeat the item number “2”.

2) Every chocolate package and every tablea piece will be of uniform size. Chocolate hardness and texture will be consistent. If the mass is moulded too soft, it gets shorter and wider. If too hard, just the right height but tend to crumble.

The standard of chocolate molding is pouring it in pre-made chocolate molds. However, there is no available shape for my requirement. Asking a mould manufacturer for a customized version is going to cost me a fortune.

I’ll be posting an update once I get it done. This one is a crude prototype. I can surely make it better with few more experiments.


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