Happy Call Dual Non-Stick Pan

It is not your ordinary non-stick pan, it is a dual non-stick. The upside serve as cover and preventing the heat escape while the bottom side serves as the frying side.

happy call double sided teflon panThis is perfect for those having a hard time frying eggs and the likes. Amateurs usually break it when flipping. With this, just flip the whole pan. The cover will become the fryer and the fryer will become the cover. The food inside is simultaneously flipped together with the pan. Do you think it is convenient? It is!

The non stick and cover combination lets you fry with no oil. A healthier frying option.

Things to remember: the Teflon coating (makes non-stick feature work) has a temperature limit. Keep those flame always low. Use only a specially made plastic ladle. When cleaning, use a foam scrub. Metals, steel wool and rough scrubbing pad will damage the coating.

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