Smart Chef’s Mini Dial Type Thermometer

Items are showing up when you least expected them. Or should I say it slams in front of your face by surprise. I roamed around two department stores, spent half a day, and never saw any thermometer. I’d been thinking of buying it from online store but the low balance of my debit card was holding me back.

After a week, I stopped via SM Hypermart Tagaytay looking for something else, an oven lighter and some hand tools. In this encounter, I found what I previously looking for, a small dial type thermometer, which I am planning to use for chocolate tempering practice. Just when I was about to do a COD order from Lazada, I found a cheaper alternative for only 149 pesos – compared to 450 plus delivery fee.

It is a small Smart Chef’s brand thermometer. It has a magnified 1 inch diameter dial face for easy reading. A 5 inches pointed probe. A carrying case which could be easily clipped in clothing. Reads from 0 to 220 Farenheit only. Those who love the Centigrade will have to memorize the conversion formula or should have a conversion table in hand. What I never liked is the lack of adjustment screw. It should be pretty accurate for the lack of feature.

small dial type thermometer smart chef

I never tried doing the calibration testing yet but it seems the dial is fast acting.

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