The Thien Baffle for Cocoa Husk Collection, Part 2

I subjected the thien baffle to real winnowing job. Same roasted bean quantity as my previous batches. Same bean cracker also. This was so to avoid any bias.

Winnowing started as soon as the the two first tray came out of the oven. It was working nicely. Nibs coming down to receiving bin and husk collected and deposited to thien baffle assembly.

I had to back-lit the husk collector bin occasionally to see what was going on and check the fill volume. Husk were circling around the bin and dropping to bottom. It is sure a nice sight if the inside if permanently lit.

Sadly, I had to replace the collector bin in middle of the job. Even if it was only half filled. Due to husk swirling motion while dropping, it was forming a slanted landscape reaching the baffle too fast than expected. The next thing, husk getting in the screened exhaust, causing blockage and reduce winnowing efficiency.

There were lots of husks and dust on baffle after winnowing. Need to think ways to make it more efficient. I am going to let this project sleep for a while.


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