The White and Covered Pail


It was used to contain pasteurized egg white. Now, we are using it as raw material and semi-finished product storage. I see some micro enterprise doing the same thing. In fact, I get this affordable idea from them.


I worked in medium scale company before. We were using the same pail as finished product packaging. Then, the empty pails were being returned to us for re-use.

I never know what kind of polymer it is. Based solely on my observation, it is relatively thick, strong and slightly flexible. I rotated it slowly and continuously, flipped it several times, but never found any clue. Polymer type is usually embossed somewhere underneath. This container has none.

It is resealable. Almost airtight seal. I have no device to test and prove it so “almost” is a safe term. Roasted cocoa nibs stays crunchy for over three months.

We are buying few every now and then. A 100 peso each in nearest public market. Eighty pesos each on depot and 50 pesos anywhere near the factory. We never buy in bulk so the highest acquisition price never matters. Plus, the public market is just few minutes away from our home.

Stackable and space saver when empty. I am stacking it three layers on full container without worries of fall over or the bottom container getting damaged. When empty and cover removed, it can be pile on each other to save space.

Label says, 20 liters capacity, for pasteurize egg white and other liquid ingredients I guess. As for our raw material, it holds eight to ten kilograms depending on average bean size.

On the good side, it is white, looks clean and pleasant on eyes. On contrary, It looks ugly when dirt and stains started adhering. Regular and thorough cleaning is necessary.


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