Spent Coffee Grounds For Driving Black Ants Away?

A sack of rambutan was sitting near beside the main door. Most of the fruits are sweeter and juicy. I mean sweeter than first harvests. Pressing it open often resulted to squirting sweet liquid on floor. A line of black ants from outside to sack was visible. They were on the rush hauling every drop of sweets they can get, from floor and from rambutan fruit surface.

They are harmless but unpleasant to eye. A bit irritating. You have to shake the fruit or drop it on floor to force them away. They are bitter and make the fruit bad.

Attempting to prevent more ants coming to rambutan file, he poured some spent coffee on flour. According to him, the spent powder can block ants senses and or can drive them away.

spent coffee grounds on floor

Pardon me! My long obsolete camera has been losing the capability to focus small thing. 

Let’s see.

Ants currently inline were obviously distracted. Seemed shocked and never knew where to go. The same behavior was observed on incoming ants.

After 15 minutes.

Intelligent ants were able to connect the previously disrupted line. They chose a space with less coffee powder. Not effective.


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