Organic Agricultural Products Should Have Cheaper Price

There are two basic reasons why we cannot embrace the organic diet:

1) Organics are rare finds. Very few farmers are into organic farming. As a result, very few organic commodities are on marketplace. Organic shops can be counted by fingers. Reliability of produce are also unknown.

2) Organic commodities are very expensive, double or triple the price than ordinary.

Why do sellers are pricing their organic goods at very steep cost? Again lets list some reasons:

a) Based on the law of supply and demand. Low supply plus high demand calls for a higher price. Merchants know that customers will still buy their products even if the prices are high.

b) Organics are healthy. Anyone with extra bucks is willing to pay for healthy food stuffs. Eating healthy is much much lower than taking medications.

c) My previous seminar instructor told us: When a farmer ventured into organic farming. The yield per unit area is greatly reduced. Harvest of ten tons corn per year can go as low as five tons or even lower. The farmer will price his produced higher to cope for the loss expected output.

I had a talk to my friend lately. He is venturing into organic farming. He told us that organic products should be priced lower  than conventional produced. He stated some good reasons.

1) No chemical fertilizers are needed for organic farming. All fertilizers are natural and it will come from the farm itself. Animal manure, tree branches, leaves and trunk and grasses. Fertilizers can be made through composting or vermicomposting. organics

2) No chemical pesticides are needed for organic farming. Natural pesticides can be made from plant sources e.g. madre de cacao, wild sun flower and chili pepper. Predator insects ( wasps, spiders and dragonflies) and integrated pest management are natural methods of pest control.

Farming less the chemical inputs equal low cost farming. Though agricultural output maybe lower. It can be more expensive than conventional farming if  organic fertilizers and natural pesticides are not available and needed to be bought from external sources. Why buy if you can produce it on your own?

Chemical inputs significantly increase agricultural production. However, long term practice causes soil acidity and resistance of pest, bacteria and fungi destroyers. Volume of harvest will gradually decreased over time. Stronger chemicals are needed to exterminated pests and diseases. Series of lime applications are needed to remove soil acidity.

The above paragraph never happen in organic farming.

Do you think organic products should have lower cost?


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