How to Remove Bad Smell(Maango) from Goat Meat, Chevon

healthy goat

Goat is one of the cleanest animal. You may not agree because its meat has unpleasant odor, the so called maango in Tagalog.

In terms of feeding, this goat is very picky. They never eat dirty grass or any dirty foods lying on ground.  They also refuse to  eat left-over grass by cow, carabao and horse. Some people say that anything the goat eats can be eaten by human safely.

I wonder if the last statement is true.

The goat wants a clean and elevated house. Try observing some goats and see for yourself.

Despite of being the cleanest animal, some people do not want goat meat because of it bad smell. Well, this can be remedied by forcing 2 bottles of vinegar into goat stomach prior to slaughter. Two bottles mean 2 regular Ginebra San Miguel Gin or 700ml of vinegar.

I can never explain the theory behind but the technique mentioned above really works.

healthy goat


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