Product Improvement by Means of Consumer Evaluation


Perhaps you see a scenario like this before! A product sample tasting. It is often setup in crowded areas like SM Supermarket and Robisons Mall, near the grocery section. Event like this has a purpose of promoting food products, a way to prove that such food is worth buying.

If you are doing an activity like this, its a good idea to prepare a simple questionnaire to assess the acceptability of your product. A Consumer Acceptability Testing.

Here is the sample questionnaire you may use:

Sex: _____________

1. Rate the acceptability of _________ according to your taste preference. Please give an honest answer.

___like very much
___like slightly
___dislike slightly
___dislike very much

2. Give some reasons for liking or disliking the product.

3. Would you buy this for the price of ___?

Basically,  100 respondents are enough for the conduct of Consumer Acceptability Test.  This will give you hints on how well your product sales will perform and how are you going to improve it.



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