Correct Knife Design for Food Processing

Knives are very useful in food processing. They are used for slicing, cutting, peeling and chopping. They have different designs and each designs are made for its purpose. We have the sticking knife, boning, skinning, slaughter and ham knife.

Of all the knife types, there is a recommended design made for safety purposes. Designed to avoid injuries and cross contamination during processing operations.

Judge the three knives below!

knives wooden and plastic handle

Knives used in meat operations should have basic safety features. The handle should be made of plastic material with non-slip surface and designed to allow a firm and safe grip. Plastic handles are also a hygienic requirement. The end of the handle is often slightly enlarged,handle knob, to prevent the knife from slipping out of the hand and the portion close to the blade should have a similar enlarged design to avoid the hand from slipping over onto the blade.

 correct knife design

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