SIGMAVIT – Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink


I like this Energen because it contains no artificial preservatives and carry some essential nutrients for our body. Take time to read its ingredients.

Ingredients :
Sugar, Creamer, Milk powder, Wheat flour, Sugar, Corn, Oats, Malt extracts, Eggs, Salt, Calcium, Vanillin and Vitamins.

The label also explains the function of its nutrients contents.

Vitamin A – Helps to keep skin and eyes healthy.
Vitamin B12 – Plays an important role in producing red blood and strengthens energy metabolism.
Vitamin D – Helps in the absorption of vitamins in the body.
Vitamin E – For skin protection and body immunity.
Calcium – Helps in the formation and protection of bones and skin density.


Energen has Halal Certification.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving size: 1 sachet (30g)
Calories: 135
Total Fat 4g
Saturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 1mg
Total Carbohydrate 24g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugar 13g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A 619 IU
Vitamin B1 0.16 mg
Vitamin B2 0.13 mg
Vitamin B6 0.24 mg
Folic acid 66 microgram(mcg)
Vitamin B12 0.58 mcg
Vitamin D 1.31 mcg
Vitamin E 2.0 mcg
Calcium 163 mcg

For a very affordable price of five pesos, its a delicious and healthy beverage alternative.



  • Does energen contains caffeine?

  • I’m a filipino working here in siem reap cambodia. when my parents come here i ask them to bring energen i let the parents of my gf here to try that they are cambodians and they said it’s good. i’m looking forward that they can bring their product here. Thanks 🙂

  • […] SIGMAVIT – Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink […]

  • […] SIGMAVIT – Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink […]

  • I am in Nigeria and I haven’t seen this product in the market for over a year now. What is happening. I need it urgently please. How can I get it?

    • I am hoping you can find a replacement brand in case…

  • is it ok to take energen at night?

  • hi maam sir,
    im bernie ventura of fantabulous production. may we request for your email
    add so we can forward our proposal letter for up coming event..
    thank you

  • Read the ingredients! Energen is more than one-third sugar and the second ingredient is “creamer” which is often made from palm oil or other saturated fats. The label doesn’t lie – just read it.

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    • Nope. Height doesn’t matter. Do what you do best and everybody will look up on you!

  • hello there, I am about to ask by my teacher to inquire about the Energen product because for an event in our school, but I don’t know how. So can I get the contact information or somewhat the official website of your product? Thank you

  • Can toddler or children form one year take energen cereal?

  • good da po, ask ko lang po sana if san pwedeng i-address ang sponsorship for our feeding program sa mga under noursih na mga bata at the same time kasi my medical mission din kame for the indigent here in our town. Help me po to find out who are those willing to help us in our social obligation. Let’s help to help themselves. Here’s my email address or my fb account

  • ask ko lang po kung safe po ba uminom na energen sa preggy like me?I’m 6months preggy na po. thanks.

  • I and my husband love to drink energen. I’ve heard that energen drink has a content which activates our cancer cell and that is SIGMAVIT. Is this really true?

  • HELLO Energen I love energen drink and I am always drinking the cereal drink.
    How ever I miss the flavor monggo , my Question is do you still producing MONNGO ENERGEN? HOPE YOU PRODUCE THAT FLAVOR AGAIN.

  • i’m addicted(really) to energen 🙂 i almost drink twice or thrice a day of it.. can i ask, can this make me fat or something?

  • saya elergi ama baigon, kalau saya minum pasti saya meninggal

  • i drink energen every morning and i added milo into it. I just love the taste and also, I get by the morning without feeling hungry at class. Also i helps me achieve the regular discharge which is good for the skin.
    I also notice that my pimples slowly disappear. I guess before always eating fried foods in the morning which is very oily that worsen my acne.
    So now, i maintain drinking energen every morning. It just make a difference to my daily life.
    Thank you for creating this product and for making it very affordable too.

  • Yes, I am one of energen lover because the taste is delicious and I like chocolate flavor. It is enough to be my breakfast before starting my day.

  • Can this make you fat? If i eat it up everyday?

  • hi,im 4months pregnant,i really love to drink energen,but is it really ok for me?i hope someone answer me correctly about this concern.tnx and more power.

  • hi im 7 months pregnant’ i really like to drink this energen almost everyday. ..i just want to ask’ if anyone knows. does this energen advisable for pregnant women

    • My wife rarely ate processed foods when she was pregnant. She preferred fruits, vegetables and Anmum. This drink have preservatives. A quick-cooking oats with milk is better.

  • hi im 7 months pregnant’ i really like to drink this energen almost everyday. ..i just want to ask’ if anyone knows. does this energen advisable for pregnant women?

  • dear sir/madam,

    i would like to inquire about energen promo from one radio station here in manila but didnt get the full details about the promo, please let me know more about the promo of energen..


    • Sorry I have never heard of the promo yet!

  • u would like to unquire the promo of energen i heard from one of the radio station here in manula but didnt hot thr full detauls about the promo, can you elaborate on this matter thanks..

  • Tatangkad po ba ako dito? Hehe! Ano po pedeng mainum para tumangkad? 😀

    • I think Cherifer pgm, enough sleep and proper nutrition will do the trick. Perhaps you should avoid carrying heavy objects like rice sacks.

  • Trying to find a place to buy or order sigmavit “energen” “nutritious milk and cereal” mix.

  • i would like to comment about our distributor here at bukidnon who are so arrogant,we had been for the second time out of stock of the sigmavit products because they failed to collect on time and they want to add-back the discount they had all our business transaction with hundreds of distributors this so far the most arrogant and by far who seem to dont care of the loss sales they had been incurring on us.we are averaging more or less 360 cases per month and im surprise the national distributor isnt bothered by this fluctuation of sales per supermarket.anyway,if you guys dont bother,im trying my hardest to contact the manufacturer.maybe they’ll care.this has been a minus to us as a supermarket and we need action regarding this annoying distributor.i hope its just the area manager and not the whole management.hoping to hear answers soon.

  • Hi Marvs, nice evening to you. I am from Davao City. Am my boss want me to search about the manufacturer of this energen product. I dont know the reason behind y he realy want to know. may be he will make a volume order because he realy like the taste.


    • @rj- the product is imported and distributed by TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION

      Address: WHSE 5A, No. 48 Ignacio Compound
      A. Rodriguez, Manggahan
      Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
      Contact No: +6335 4229050 / 900 2740
      Fax No: +6335 4229050 / 682-3376
      Email: /

  • me i know who is the manufacturer of this prod.

    taste is good and very much effective…


    • @RJ – please kindly post the details so interested parties can contact them. thanks!

  • I have a friend who is very sick as of now.He is suffering cancer on the brain.He cant speak now due to enlargement of his tumor on the brain later this week he cant walk the doctor said due to increasing enlargement on his brain he is now half paralized.He cant eat and his only maintenance now is ENERGEN he cant speak but if he wants energen he can only say DAKO which means in english big.Thank you ENERGEN you extended life on my friend how can he live if energen is no where to be found.Thanks fo it……

    • @lanie- I pray for the fast recovery of your friend. Hope he can still eat fruits and vegetables. Vegan diet is a proven cure for many diseases.

  • pwede po bang pa2long sa thesis??

    • @maren – What can I do to help you?

  • I am a mountain-biker lately I was diagnose with elevated uric acid and I was put by my doctor on a diet and showed me a table of the food that i can eat and can’t eat. the food guide says that I can eat cereal. but on the foods that i can eat moderately is Oatmeal.

    My question is can I take energen?

    • @ robert – If your only problem with this food is oats, then you can eat it with caution, too much may cause harm. Energen contains other ingredients, it may cause harm if they are listed on table of prohibited foods.

  • i live in suffern new york, where can i get energen cereal around here or what’s the website if i want to buy by online, thanks a lot…

    • @fahmi m – the manufacturer has no website yet. You can email them at The company is based in Jakarta Indonesia.
      Other similar cereal drinks are available like quaker and nesvita.

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