The Faster Bangus Deboning Method

The bangus is so delectable but eating such is not as enjoyable as expected. There is something that is holding me back, the fishbone. Bangus has lots of fishbones. I have to carefully sort out as much fishbone as I can or I am going to end up having a lodge fishbone on my throat.

I am guessing the two popular boneless bangus products were invented because many people have the same complaints as me. They cut the bangus in the middle and removed all theĀ  bones to make it daing na sariwa. Others removed the fish flesh without damaging the skin. Shred the flesh while removing all individual bones. Mixed it with various ingredients and stuff back to skin to make a relyenong bangus.

I have not personally experienced bangus deboning yet but I watched somebody doing it while I was in college. They shredded the boiled flesh and started sorting out bones one by one using bare hands. The process was so slow that I could not imagine myself doing it.

Lately a friend of mine who is into processing and selling fruits and fish products shared a better and faster way to debone a bangus for relyeno making. That is rubbing the boiled flesh on a fine mesh tray. The shredded fish will fall down leaving most of the fishbones on the tray. Of course the method is not foolproof as some bones are going to pass through. Just keep an eye on it and pick up every miss. This method is easier and faster.


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