Food Safe Wood Surface With Polyurethane Varnish

wood surface coated with polyurethane

This is an update of the previous article, “Making the Wood Surface Food Safe with Polyurethane Varnish“.

The cooling tunnel prototype is ready to get a dab of durable coating. This is the first version ever. Normally, I would test it first but this is different. I had a very good feeling it would work above my expectations. Also, I never wanted installing the cooling unit on bare wood. Moisture might absorbed around it and damage the wood eventually. Besides, installation takes time and doing it repeatedly is tiresome.

First day, I applied wood stain to give it a beautiful classic look. I sealed the imperfection first before wood stain application.

Second day, I applied the first coating of polyurethane varnish. Recommended number of coats is at least two and each re-coat should be done a day after to prevent blobs and bubbles. There should be light sanding in between.

After an hour, the varnish is dry to touch so I did the second and third coatings within the day. I was quite happy with the result. Smooth and shiny surface and could have been better if I followed the manufacturer’s instruction.

wood surface coated with polyurethane

The third day, I installed the cooling unit, cooling racks and thick plastic strips as easy-to-open door cover.

Fourth day and time for initial testing. I molded a batch of bar chocolates. Prepared all, down to last drop atop cooling cabinet without protective covering. Placing the heavy container on it, pulling, pushing and rotating as I progressed.

After. I wiped it dry and clean easily. No dents and no scratches. The same satisfactory outcome with subsequent trials.

What if scratch intentionally with sharp objects such as knife and broken glass? It will incur damage of course. Even the most praised stainless steel do.

Our purpose here is making the wood easy to clean and resistant to water absorption, chemicals and food debris. We want it to stand against scratches and chipping due to light regular use.


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