The Layman Food Reheating Guide

I won’t tell the name of this food, where it came from or where I bought it. You know it for sure!

reheated pancit canton chichiria and meat

I just got it from microwave oven. This inspired to me to write some food reheating tips.

Here it goes…

Buy and cook only what you need. Make a rough estimate of what you, your relatives and visitors can eat. Setting a small margin is good but too much is bad and often result to waste.

Immediately place what are not consumed inside sealed food container then inside refrigerator for safekeeping. If a longer storage time is expected, transfer it to freezer compartment. Set the dial to higher setting for a quicker freeze.

Use microwave oven for reheating if available. It is quick. Requires little labor and causes very little change in food appearance.

If the food to be reheated is in question, then better discard it. What you saved might not equate the medication cost if something goes wrong.



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