Straight From Grinding To Molding

Is it possible? Certainly not!

Sugar has hardening effect of cocoa based from my very own observation. Mix well 50% sugar and 50% cocoa liquor. Set it to cool by tray mold or shape by pulvoron method and it will set with no problems. It doesn’t matter if the chocolate is in right temper or not. The scenario is for sugar crystal only. I am not so sure for pulverized sugar, the like of confectioner’s.

Chocolate manufacture is a long process. From tree, pod, bean fermentation, washing, drying, roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering and moulding. I am getting the beans already fermented and dry so I kinda skipping about six steps. My instinct was telling that was not enough so I tried to skip another two steps. That were conching and tempering.

Done it trice with all failure results. The first two. I directly poured the liquor into mold right after grinding. Placed it in refrigerator for about an hour. Demold it. Surprised, it melted soft after few hours. I thought the room temperature was a culprit. It was really a hot day that time. I set another trial and I made sure it was below 25°C. The same failed result was achieved. It got soft after few hours.

tabliya right after moldingtabliya few hours after molding


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