Remove Fishy Flavor Using Ginger

fresh fish topped with flavorings

Do you love fish but hate the fishy flavor ? Worry no more! You can eliminate the culprit fishy flavor by means of ginger.

Ginger can be made into  wine, ginger tea or salabat, candy. Its main use is to spice many of our daily dishes.

Many individuals are encourage to use ginger due to its health benefits:

1) remedy for cold and flu  2)remedy upset stomach and aids in digestion  3) improves blood flow  4)kill many intestinal parasites   5)can improve voice  6)stimulate respiratory and nervous system  7)cures morning sickness in pregnant women  8)breath freshener  9)relieves dizziness and motion sickness  10)help lower cholesterol and 11)ease menstrual cramps.

Another use of this healthy ginger is removal of fishy flavor in fish and other seafoods.  Add a couple of ginger slices in any of your seafood recipe (fishball, sinigang, fish kikiam, embutido, relyeno etc…)and compare the difference.

fresh fish topped with flavorings


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