Mangosteen Powder – Shredding Before Drying?

I observed before that drying before grinding was not a good option for making a mangosteen powder. There was no problem during the drying process but the problem rose when grinding commenced. The soft wet mangosteen rind turned to hard wood structure after few days of sun drying. Manual grinding was near to impossible. Motor operated grinding is feasible but it needs heavy duty metal burs, components and a high horsepower motor. Definitely not suitable for home-based processing.

fresh cut mangosteen rindThe easier method in my mind was the grinding before drying. However, grinding might pressed out considerable amount of juice together with precious xanthones. Thanks to this stainless steel shredder! I managed shredding several fresh mangosteen rind with ease (without any expelled juice), just like shredding cassava for cassava cake making.

shredded mangosteen rindNext are drying and testing. I will update this as soon as possible.


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  • I simply boil sun dried mangosteen rind then turn the heat off after a few minutes to cool. Sundry again the rind and just repeat the process. Presently, I’m on the 3rd recycle. I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

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