Common Formulation of Meat Balls

Raw-cooked meat mixes are used for the material, from which meat balls are shaped. These mixes are mainly fabricated without curing substances but with common salt, as for the majority of such products a grey colour
is required. Formulations usually have high contents of lean meat (fat and water contents significantly reduced) to make these products firmelastic. The salt content is reduced to 10-12g per kilo and often herbs are added.

Especially in Asia, there are several varieties of low-cost meat balls on the market. These meat balls are used as street food and in fast food outlets. One common formulation is shown below:

Raw materials: (calculated for 10 kg batch)
40.00 % Pork meat trimmings, lean 4.000 kg
20.00 % TVP (re-hydrated 1:3) 2.000 kg
10.00 % Wheat flour 1.000 kg
10.00 % Ice (potable water) 1.000 kg
15.00 % Fatty pork tissues 1.500 kg
5.00 % Potato or corn starch 0.500 kg
Additives and spices: (per kg raw materials)
10.0 g Common salt
2.0 g Phosphate
2.0 g White pepper, ground 60.00 g
0.2 g Coriander, ground 6.00 g
0.2 g Ginger, ground 6.00 g

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

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