Proper Milk Handling

Milk is sterile when synthesized under cow’s mammary gland.  Definitely it is healthy without the harmful microorganisms. But spoilage yeasts, bacteria and molds starts to invade as soon as the milk is squeezed out.

Bacteria is the predominant spoilage organisms in milk . Milk is rich in proteins which is the main food of bacteria. A freshly harvested cow’s milk is most likely undrinkable a day after under ambient conditions. Certain diseases can be acquired from drinking spoiled milk alone. That’s why precautions are necessary when handling your milk.

When purchasing canned milk. Check carefully the expiration date. It is usually written on top or bottom of can. Some merchants still sell expired goods. Be very careful. Report those abusive merchants to authorities like Bureau of Food and Drugs, Department of Health or to your nearest police station.

Read the label for additional handling instruction.  Label also provide information about the manufacturer. You can check if they are registered under Bureau of Foods and Drugs. Approval of regulatory authorities may guarantee milk safety. Those manufacturers complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP.

Also avoid bulged and dent cans. Under favorable conditions , bacteria will grow inside canned goods. They produced gas which cause the can to dent or bulge. Any discoloration and abnormal odor are signs of spoilage.

Transfer unconsumed milk into tightly sealed sterile bottle and store in refrigerator. This will prevent bacterial contamination and growth. Refrigeration extends  shelf-life for a couple of days.

Use tightly sealed jar as container for powdered milk. Store in dry place away from excessive moisture.  Excess moisture causes powdered milk to cake, clumping and hardening.

Consume fresh milk immediately. Remaining milk maybe stored in refrigerator for a day or two. To prevent spoilage of unconsumed milk. It may be processed into soft white cheese or kesong puti.

You ? How do you handle your milk ?


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  1. I drink milk daily with chocos, it tastes yummy! Milk should be handled with so much care,I had never thought of this.Yes, it’s right that while purchasing milk , the instructions must be read.Refrigeration is the nice method to prevent bacterial growth.

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