The No Oil Frying Method For Tocino

The common problem when frying tocino is the burnt sugar. It burns fast that sides were already have black specs before I can take them out of hot bubbling cooking oil.  My friend who is a Meat Processing Trainor is often telling his audiences that such could be prevented not only by frying technique but also by appropriate tocino processing method. What he was preaching was an interesting topic but I had never got a chance to listen. I was teaching Fruit Processing topics on the other side.

So if your homemade tocino is not made to resist burnt or you are simply buying it from public market, the following simple steps will suit you well.

a) Take out the tocino from its packaging and arranged them on frying pan.

b) Add water to half submerged the arranged meats. Bring to running boil. Turn the meats every one minute.

adding water to tocinoc) Gradually lower the flame as the water evaporates. Set it to very low when the water is about to dry out. Continue until the residual  water + meat juice is brown.

boiling tocinobrowning of tocino


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