Do We Still Need to Polish Rice?

Every time I wash rice before cooking, These two questions comes to my mind.

1. Why do I need to wash it before cooking? Even if it looks very clean.

2. Why do we need to polish rice? We can use brown rice instead.


1. From harvesting, palay pass through thresher to removed the stalks. Then milling remove the husk and produces brown rice. Brown rice can be sold as is or can undergo polishing.  Polishing leaves a powder like residue, this may cause stickiness in cooked rice. In addition, rice sack is readily permeable by  liquid contaminants like insecticides.

2. According to, the bran contains 15 to 20% oil. This oil could turn rancid in three months time. Bran and germ removal extends shelf life significantly thus making long transport and storage possible.

Rancidity occurs with the present of oxygen. If we are able to take it away, its shelf life would be as long as polished rice. This could be done through vacuum packaging. Vacuum machines are now affordable. Plus, vacuum packed rice are protected from contaminants.

Brown rice is healthier than white rice. All we need is vacuum packaging to store it properly.

Do we still need to polish rice?


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