How Do Oats Works?/ Quaker Oats Nutrition

I often buy Quaker Oats. I am using it to create my own cereal drink. One mug of hot water plus three tablespoons of quakers oat and milk. It really tastes good. Choose instant quaker to if you hate cooking or too busy to prepare it on stove top.

quaker oatmeal

Why do I am taking Quaker Oats? Because it contains soluble fibers, Beta Glucan, that act like sponges and soak up cholesterol to remove it from our body. Cholesterol build up in blood vessels is fatal because it blocks blood flow.

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Nutritional Information of Quaker Oats:
Serving size: 35g
Approximate number of servings: 11

Energy (kcal)   = 126g
Carbohydrate    = 22g
Protein   =  5.3g
Dietary fiber    = 3.5g
Insoluble fiber     = 3.5g
Soluble fiber    = 1.5g
Total fat    = 3g
Saturated fat   = 0.6g
Magnesium    = 36.4g
Iron     = 1.6mg
Sodium    = 1.3mg
Zinc    = 0.9mg
Cholesterol   =  0.0mg

lower cholesterol illustration
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