Do we Really Need to Sprinkle Salt on Fish Before Frying ?


Here’s a common house scenario:

Mother went to market and bought some fresh fish, especially¬† her favorite galunggong. After going home, she removed the gills and other internal organs and washed it thoroughly. Rinsed well and sprinkled salt on it. Then she started frying it in a hot cooking oil. …

I bet you know what happens next! The hot oil will start flying around the frying pan and striking every object on its path. Your unlucky if you got hit by the raging hot oil. The minimum penalty for you are patches of a first degree burn.

Frying could be less cruel without salting. Could we avoid sprinkling of salt on fish before frying? My previous teacher and boss Ms. Fe N. Dimero told me the importance of fish salting.

Aside for salty taste, salt preserves fish by lowering water activity (salt binds with water so that it won’t be available for the proliferation of microorganisms). The higher the salt concentration, the more is its preservation effect. That’ why we have salted dried fish.¬† Salt also suppresses unwanted fish odors.


Tips to avoid cruelty of hot oil during frying:

1. Avoid sprinkling granulated or powdered salt on fish. If you insist, dissolve salt in water and soak fish for couple of minutes. Then coat it with cornmeal or flour before frying.

2. Deep fry it. Most thrifty moms fry fish half soaked in oil.

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One Comment

  • Before frying the fish make sure that it is completely dry by using paper towel or simply hang dry it for half an hour.

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