Getting Tips on How To Use The Sweet Sorghum Flour

I wanted to use the sweet sorghum flour we have at home so I searched for some clues.

triple a sweet sorghum flour

1) Sorghum flour is not usually used as is. – A variety of gluten-free flour mix brands contain sorghum flour blended with other gluten-free flours, starches and leavening agents.

2) Tend to produce an inferior product when not used in a mix. – Used alone, sorghum produces dry, gritty baked goods. It needs to be used in a gluten-free flour blend for good results. Mixed with tapioca starch sorghum baked goods have better volume and texture.

3) Needs more oil and eggs and small amount of cider vinegar. Adding slightly more oil or fat and eggs to recipes prepared with sorghum blends can improve moisture content and texture. Apple cider vinegar or ascorbic acid can also improve the volume of dough made with sorghum flour blends.

4) Prone to rancidity and thus have a shorter storage life. – Purchase the very freshest of this Sorghum flour and in very small quantity…because, once opened…the rancidity factor escalates. – Always store this flour in a sealed glass jar and inside the refrigerator.

5) Malted sorghum flour was found out to have higher swelling power, than non-malted. – Chemical Compositions and Physico-Chemical Properties of Malted Sorghum Flour and Characteristics of Gluten Free Bread. N. Phattanakulkaewmorie, T. Paseephol, and A.Moongngarm.

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