Do Not Ship Perishable Goods on Weekends

Date today is July 17, Sunday. Maybe LBC and other courier services never do delivery on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Or, just maybe, this one is an isolated case.

I have the habit of tracking delivery status whenever I ordered thing online. Whether it is local or abroad. It is not like I doubt the seller or something. All I want is anticipate the exact delivery day. So I can make myself available or ask someone to receive it in my behalf.

Here are the order specifics.

I ordered an air conditioner on Lazada, July 8. It is intended for my cooling tunnel project. According to forum, DIY is far more efficient and way cheaper than commercial brands. Adding the fact, the specific product I need is hard to find and procure.

The item I ordered is not sold directly by Lazada. It was posted and being fulfilled by a concessionaire. It was shipped via LBC on July 12. It took them four days. The duration varies depending on concessionaire. Some are prompt that they are able to ship a day after.

Then from seller tracking page, I switched to courier monitoring site.

July 12, the package was in Solutions Crossdock Alabang. Accepted at Lazada on July 13. Then forwarded to and received at Cavite South Delivery Hub on July 14, Sunday.

July 14 was Thursday and I was expecting delivery the next day, July 15. I have ordered couple of items from Lazada already. This is the trend I’ve observed. When my package is in Cavite Delivery Hub, I am receiving it the very next day. Mostly late in the afternoon.

lbc tracking page snapshot

This one is a different case. It got stocked in their warehouse for three days already.

When I was searching for chocolate shipping tips, one guy in forum said do to ship on weekend. There is a very high chance of it getting stock in courier warehouse. The longer it is in transit, the more its chance to melt.

So what the guy in the forum said was true. Goods stay in courier warehouses on weekend. I am pretty sure perishables have special storage and delivery mode than regular items. However, item condition is not in our control once handed to cargo service.

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