Shelling Adlai Seeds With Long Nose Pliers

Another crazy stuff. I got another set of adlai seeds. The light colored adlai seeds with relatively soft seed coat. Nineteen adlai seeds that were left behind after milling a set of one kilogram.

19 adlai seeds

The crazy stuff.

It can be peeled with bare hands with ease but would be easier with a hand tool, the long nose pliers. I got the pliers and began piercing them one by one until I got all the brown grains. It took me about seven minutes. About six thousand hours if I took one million seeds instead.  This task obviously needs a decent milling machinery.

adlai grains and seeds

Out of 19 seeds, 12 grains were gathered while the other seven seeds were empty. If this number will always be true, then expect a 63% recovery by numbers, not by weight.

Sorry! I tried finding analytical balance with no success.


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  • Hi to anyone.

    I’d like to try developing an Adlai Milling machine. What I have in mind is a “Village Type”.

    I recognize the importance of having this kind of machine. To help in our need for “food security”.

    I’ll be thankful if anyone can provide me about 30 kg. of dried Adlai grain. The usual variety used as staple food.

    I’m willing to pay for the cost of the commodity plus the freight and handling cost.

    Thank you very much…

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