Technical Guide on Post-harvest of Banana

Here are the standard quality characteristics for banana.

Quality characteristics
1. The minimum characteristics of bananas requested before ripening for all the categories must be: • green but with an adequate development stage, and not ripened; whole firm; sound; clean; free from parasites; free from decay symptoms; with intact, sound, clean stem; free of flowers residues; free of deformation and normally curved; free of any external leakage; no off-odors and off-flavors.

2. Classification.
Bananas are classified in three categories:
i) Extra. Bananas must not have any defects, except slight peel defects (less than 1 cm2 over all
surface) which do not affect the appearance of the whole hand, or finger.
ii) First. As before but bananas can present: slight shape defects; slight peel alterations (less than
2 cm2) which have not touched the pulp
iii) Second. Banana must respect the minimum requirements but can present: shape defects; peel
defects due to abrasions (less than 4 cm2) which have not touched the pulp.

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The ebook includes…

A. Introduction
B. Banana Grow and Some Pre-harvest Considerations
C. Quality Standards
D. Harvest Index
E. Harvest Care
F. Transport to the Packing Shed
G. Packing Shed Operations
H. Storage and Stacking
I. Cold Room Instructions
J. Maintenance
K. Troubleshooting
L. Banana Ripening Requirements
M. Ethylene generator operation steps

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