Ang Daang Buwan, The Uneven Coconut Meat

I now rarely see a coconut with uneven meat. It is so because going to coconut farm and getting some buko is becoming a rare activity. The last time I have been to this farm to get young coconut was last Christmas season.

We are now here in coconut farm to fulfill one unified task. Get buko, shred it and made buko salad. We already bought the other needed ingredients. All that is lacking is the shredded coconut meat.

While busy shredding, a familiar thing appears. This is what we locally called daang buwan na niyog. It can be called an abnormal coconut in short. It got uneven meat. If all the buko we are gathering are like this, then it will take twice as many to fill my brought container.

uneven coconut meat daan buwan 1

Oldies cannot explain the cause of this abnormality. I, myself have not encountered any explanation during my school years. I am still looking for answers!

Here is another out of focus image.

uneven coconut meat daan buwan 2


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