The Layman Buko Shredding Guide

Here are some crude tip before buko shredding starts…

Prepare for the great adventure. Think as if you are going to climb a mountain or going to a picnic in the deep forest. Wear your best gear, long sleeves, long pants, cap and shoes.

Secure all the needed tools. Container for shredded coconut, shred tool and spoon. Make them clean but not as clean as sterilized medical equipment. There are lots of contamination sources while shredding, the ground, grasses, dried leaves, twigs, ants and insects. Prepare to accept some of those. Also, do not forget to carry lots water bottles. Save all the coconut water you can save. They are good for health and good for you.

Contract someone who is knowledgeable in getting young coconuts. The one who can climb with ease and can determine the right maturity with a finger tap. Maybe you can hire me. I can climb coconut using ladder and can determine the right maturity by opening coconut one by one.

Walk your way to coconut farm.

Get coconut with the right maturity. Prefer the meat the is not too soft and not too hard.

Cut it to halves. Experts can do it with just 2 to 3 bolo strikes. Noobs can do it with 20 times as many strikes, resulting to a very ugly cut and innumerable broken shells. I, can do it with 2-5 strikes.

tatay breaking and draining coconut

Shred slowly but surely. Take care not to scrape the shell part. Soft shells can be eaten but not pleasingly delicious. It can be a turn-off for most visitors. Anyway, don’t take it seriously. You are getting coconut for you and your family and not for visitors.

shredding coconut buko

After, get the spoon and scrape the coconut half for the second time. Scrape the remaining meat which cannot be gathered by dedicated coconut shredder.

Cover the coconut shreds tightly. Go home immediately and prepare the desired recipe as soon as possible. It maybe stored in refrigerator for a while but sure won’t last until the next day.

coconut shreds in bin


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