Cacao Beans | Preventing and Killing Weevils, Bukbok

Here came another set of cacao beans. One hundred kilograms in two sacks. I have been very busy since I accepted the four-days a week research related job. Working in office and laboratory four times a week, 10 hours a day; sleeping on Fridays,  attending classes on Saturdays, and; doing academic assignments and blogging on my spare times. Oh, I almost forgot, I need to make tabliya every time someone threw me a call. The reason why I bought nicely fermented cacao beans.

I am constantly in hectic schedule and I am sure that this new stock will last for several months. The pesky weevils will surely take the opportunity to attack. Eating the precious beans, produce offspring and ruin its quality.

What are the methods I can use to prevent weevil attacks and drive away those already present?

The popular suggestions:

Refrigeration and or freezing. Definitely not suitable for insect growth. Suitable only for wet goods or dry items in small quantity. Placing 100 kilograms cacao beans in freezer or refrigerator is ridiculous.

Fumigation. Literally means incorporating substance harmful for weevil pest. It might be harmful to humans too. I never want to risk my health and health of my kids, family and customers. I want my product in near state of perfect safety.

Bay Leaf. A plant claimed to drive away weevils. A hundred kilo cacao beans perhaps need a lot of leaves. It is not practical. Mixing and removal from beans will be a hassle.

Sealing in air-tight bags, in plastic material thick enough to prevent oxygen entry and strong to resist weevil mandibles (do they have mandibles?). It might work! Prevent weevil entry. Insects already present will sooner or later die due to lack of oxygen. One hundred kilo is too large but it can be divided to many small batches, five kg per bag.

Going to find the plastic packaging that suits my need. Pack beans and seal tightly. Hope it works.

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