Climbing Up To Enjoy The Juicy, Sweet and Tasty Rambutan

The boss told us to bring working clothes the next day. The two of us were requested to aide rambutan harvesting. The last fruit order was huge and cannot be handled by one and only harvester.

There are two personnel assigned for harvesting but the other was currently taking care of his sick wife.

We agreed without any hesitations. Working in air-conditioned room every working day is boring. Getting out every now and then is a good idea.

Harvesting rambutan is nice. Climbing up trees about five times taller than me. Getting fruits and throwing it down the grassy land. When hunger is felt, breaking some red fruits will suffice.

How about the thirst? Hope we can get free buko too!

Me while harvesting. It was obvious that I was not a good climber. I firmly fix myself by holding the branch with two legs.

me climbing harvesting rambutan

The rambutan tree has relatively tough branches. I was confident, branch breakage was unlikely.

me on top of rambutan treeFruits were selectively picked by hand. Rare ripes were left behind. Fruits on far thin branches were pricked using long bamboo sticks.

Rambutan fruits on grasses ready for packing in rice sacks.

rambutan fruits on grassland

It was a really nice experience. I realized,rambutan is best eaten when picked by me. Eating while standing on a swaying branch. Selecting fruits on peaks of its ripeness. Fruits with dark reddish skin are juicy, sweet and overflowing flavors.


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