While Getting A Bunch of Coffee Flowers

I visited a coffee tree last week. It had flowers still closed, no fragrant aroma and no insects attracted to it.

unopened coffee flowersI returned after a week. The fragrant aroma was perceptible a few meters away. The soothing fragrance was very similar to Sampaguita and I would have thought it really was.

coffee flowers under sunshine

I got near and took some pictures. They were not as fresh as I thought. Seem has been opened several days ago. Brown bruises were scattered all over the petals and stamens. Signs flower deterioration. It will dry soon enough and will look like this.

dried coffee flowerSome house fly were hovering around the coffee flower bunch.  Alighting on each flower and getting nectar. I never thought those pesky flies are useful in coffee pollination. I thought they were just house pest, harboring dirt, microbes and diseases.

House flies are dirty but I was eager to know how coffee flower taste. I picked a bunch and rinsed it well under running water.

The evaluation. Flat taste with a very light spice. Maybe the freshly opened flowers have more pronounced taste. Better luck next time. I am wishing to get fresher bunch.


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