The Extra Ordinary Ginger Storage

Every ginger harvest season. He is cleaning gingers by removing the extra stalks, mother ginger, adhering soils and dirt. Soil removal is facilitated by soaking in water for about ten minutes and brushing with an old soft toothbrush. Rinse dry and sorted.

Mother ginger is the rhizome inserted underground which will produce new rhizomes after few months. It is harder, more fibrous, more flavorful and has longer shelf life. Aka inahing luya. See “Inahing Luya and Other Ginger Maturities“. Usually sold for a hefty price and never planted a second time.

Reject gingers are not sold to market, stored in extra ordinary storage instead. Stored on ground beside the house. Under shade but able to get enough water for growth when raining. Intended for own and relative’s use. Anyone in need may get one or two small rhizomes for free.

Not the ideal storage place obviously. However, it provides one great benefit. All unused rhizomes have the chance for growth and development. New rhizomes are being produce while they are on storage.

ginger soil storageThe ideal storage should be a cool dry place free of soil, water, insects and animals.


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