How Break Coconut

Before grating, coconut should be cut to halves, one part should contain the eye. The cut should be as straight and as clean as possible for ease of grating. Uneven cuts are hard to grate and some of endosperm will be wasted.

Coconut has three lines running from eye to opposite directions. Lines are almost equally separated. Hold it firmly with left hand. A distinct line should be parallel to your eyes. Hold the bolo with right hand, the back should be facing the nut. Hit it hard with the bolo’s back. Turn the nut until the second line is reached. Hit again. rotate to third line and repeat operation until it breaks.

breaking coconut with a bolo

There are instances one hit would break the nut instantly. If the crack is more than half, insert the bolo tip and twist it. Every hit should land on center to attain a nice and even cut. Tapping in between lines would also give ugly result. Place a large bowl underneath to collect coconut water.

opened coconut

The scary part. The sharp bolo edge is facing the handler. The force is made by raising it behind the head and bringing it down in a fast motion. The distance between the bolo and head is about 1-2 inches when the bolo is in top position. Is it scary? Just focus on breaking the nut.


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