Searching, How To Mill Adlai Grains

Drying, Storage and Milling. Dry grains until it reaches 10-14% moisture content (MC) and store in a cool dry place. Storage should be free from insects, rodents, and other pests. It is best to mill the grains at 12 to 13% MC. The milling recovery of well polished adlai is 50-55%.

I read it from “Adlai Production Guide” pamphlet published by the Department of Agriculture.

I was happy when I first saw the reading material but got frustrated short after. I was really looking on how to mill the grain, crack it open and get grain in mass numbers. Is there any adlai milling machine or the farmers have to do it using lusong method, the wooden mortar and pestle?

The milling requirement of 12-13 moisture content is a good start. More production technologies will emerge as more farmers plant adlai.

P.S… a little information about harvesting.

Adlai matures up to 5-6 months or when 85% of the panicles have matured. Cut the stem of matured panicles and placed them in sacks. Cutting should be at least 1 ft or 2-3 nodes from the ground to facilitate ratooning. Sundry (2-3 times) the harvested stalks prior to threshing. It can be done by handpicking/pounding machine to separate grains from leaves and panicles.

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