Liberica, Excelsa and Robusta Cherries | A simple bean to husk comparison

Yet another bias comparison to show how big Liberica is as compared to Excelsa and Robusta. Too bad, I won’t be able to find Arabica here. Comparison against the over popular variety won’t be possible.

Note that this comparison was bias and could not be used as reference in any scientific papers. Please find other reputable source if your purpose is so.

I toured around the coffee plantation and got three green coffee cherries. One Liberica, one Excelsa and one Robusta.

Here are the three green coffee cherries on top of metal ruler. From left to right, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica.

liberica excelsa robusta cherry

And here are the three cherries with husk removed. The Excelsa I got is a peaberry. It has only one bean. It should be 1.5 times bigger with two fully developed beans.

cherry husk green

Bean to husk comparison. Robusta, about 30% is husk. Excelsa, about 50% is husk. Liberica, about 70 percent is husk.



  • do you have liberica and Excelsa coffee seed??

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