Insects and Contaminants Zero-Tolerance Policy

A May 24, 2012 Department of Agriculture news. About 170  40 footer banana containers were cleared of Aonidiella comperei infestation. Happened four days before the news release.

There are limited information about the species around the web. I am trying to find a nice picture with no success.

Chinese quarantine officials made a statement that our bananas were not placed under ban. They were just conducting a thorough 100 percent inspection after the insect discovery.

It was clear that they never want any form of introduced species which might harm their own industry.  The Philippines also has very strict policy regarding this matter. Preventing importation of meat when outbreak occurs in neighboring countries. Banning bird entry and thorough monitoring of migratory bird – regarding bird flu.  We should also comply with this wallet-crushing policy.

They sure had hard times inspecting tons and tons on bananas on 100% basis.

News reports flashed on television screens. Chinese Quarantine Department banned the Philippine bananas from entering the market. It happened not long after the Scarborough Shoal stand off and many speculated that it was part of their move against us.

China is second largest banana importer. The ruckus caused millions of losses to our local farming industry. Authorities were forced to go to China for clarifications and possible solutions.

Now local officials are calling for a zero-tolerance policy with respect to insect and other contaminants. No insect of any kind should pass our meticulous eyes. No contaminants either.

This time, a worm on veggies and fruits cannot save lives, it can waste millions of cash instead.

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