Please Identify This Cassava Defect, brown to black varicose like veins

For the sake of quality control, all items in a batch should have same appearances. Any with properties that differ from the norm will be deemed as reject. Imposition strictness depends on purpose.

I was peeling cassava. Size did not matter as long as it’s young, not woody and white in appearance. I discarded one piece, it had several root attachments, hard too peel and might be too hard to eat. There was no yellowish cassava. Based from my experience, yellowish color is sign of too old crop, more than years. Its texture is hard, too hard to eat.

I rejected this cassava too. It has brown to black varicose like veins on surface and deep down the flesh. Perhaps it is a crop disease. No pictures found on net. Do you know what it is?

Note: The narrow spiral incision around is a knife made cut. I stored it in refrigerator for more than 12 hours before taking pictures. The spiral cut got wider after refrigeration.

varicose vein cassava onevaricose vein cassava threevaricose vein cassava two


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