The Tomato Peeling Guide

Here is a very simple tomato peeling guide just in case you want it peeled before cooking. Taking off tomato skin is a must for making tomato sauces and pastes. Should be done for fine dining preparations. Optional for home cooked recipes. And it is the very reason why I never like eating sarsiadong isda – my wife never removes the tomato peels.

The guide:

1) Select firm ripe tomatoes. Fully ripe to overripe may do but hot water dipping will make it more saggy.

three medium ripe tomatoes diamante

2) Put a narrow cross slit on both tomato end. It will serve two purposes later. It will be the place where the peel cracking start and will allow easy peeling operation.

slitted tomato

3) Prepare boiling water.

boiling water on a gas stove

4) Dip the tomato in boiling water for 10 to 20 seconds. Or. Watch as you place the tomato in water and take it off as soon as as you see the peel cracks. Allowing a longer dip will make the tomato softer and harder to peel.

dipping tomato in boiling water for 15 seconds

5) Dip again the tomato immediately in cold water to arrest the heat.

immediately cooling tomato in cold water

6) Take off the skin carefully, slice to quarters and take off the seeds.

three peeled tomatoes


peeled sliced and seeded tomatoes

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