Saving The Defective Coffee Beans

Defective coffee saving strategies for desperates. Ohh, sorry! I mean the following suggestions are for people who want to get most out of their hard earned money.


Dried cherries. Either whole cherries or partially cracked. The milling machine failed separating the bean from husk. Or, accidentally included in batch of good milled beans. Save these for the next mill run.

Beans in parchment. Husk removal by machine was successful but parchment was not. Remove the parchment hand then bring back the good bean. This might be harder than what your are thinking.

Fragments. Broken beans, fragments an pulper nipped are three separate categories in terms of coffee defects. Broken means a small part is removed, fragments are smaller than broken, pulper nipped are either broken or fragment but caused by pulping machine (coffee wet processing). These three are all fragments to me. I suggest separating these types. Then make the size more or less uniform by passing it thru grinder or hammer mill. Roast separately using adjusted parameters.

Shells. They look literally like clam shells. Thinner than regular beans. Treat it like fragment beans.

Insect holed beans. Save and do as instructed in fragments section. Reduce its size separately and winnow two to three times to expel weevil and weevil discharge.

Do the above items at your own risks! Good result is not guaranteed.

All the non-mentioned defects should be discarded.

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