Harvesting Kaong Sap Getting More Sophisticated

An interesting sight. Many people passing by cannot resist to look at it and wonder. A gallon of mineral drinking water is fixed on kaong tree and a portable aluminum stair is resting peacefully on the other side.

ladder mineral water kaong tree


I think it is a sophisticated way to collect kaong sap. Sap for making wine, vinegar, sugar and lambanog.

The mineral water container is supported by a wooden platform firmly attached to large trunk. Combination of polyethylene tube and pvc pipe connects the cut flower stalk to container.

collecting kaong sap modern way

The collection chamber is equipped with two small pvc water pipes. One pipe on bottom, a mean to get collected sap. The other pipe is connected to upper side. I think it is an overflow mechanism.


The tube connecting the stalk and collection chamber prevents any foreign matter entry resulting to cleaner sap. Provides a partial anaerobic conditions thus delaying rapid fermentation.

Getting the collected sap via drain pipe is easy. Turn the knob open and the contents flow to another container. Also, prevents contamination due to human error.

The large collection chamber. I think it is too large. It is not going to be almost full between collections. Unless the harvester do collection every two days or the variety is a good sap producer. However, larger is still better than medium down to too small.

The upper overflow pipe. In case the above paragraph is true, excess sap will fall to ground (tuba for the mother nature) and prevents damage to collection tube.

Nice idea, I supposed. Hope it really results to a better quality kaong sap and products. And be disseminated to help uplift the livelihood of kaong farmers.

The setup is part of Dr. Jun Lapitan’s kaong project, Cavite State University.

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