The Pectin Contents of Sugar Palm…

I replied to her immediately saying sugar palm and coconut have no pectin or not a good source of. What was my basis? I based my quick response on similarities of fruits which are good pectin source. Known pectin rich fruits are citrus, pineapple, mangoes and other acid fruits. Sugar palm meat or kaong is not acidic as far as my reserve knowledge remembered.  However, my deduction is not accurate so I am going to check it later and update about the more accurate assessment.

Mr. Google gave me an exactly opposite result. I found a 2008 study entitled “Extraction of Pectin from Sugar Palm Meat”. It was stated that study authors were successful in extracting up to 20% of pectin using ethyl alcohol as solvent.

I got the study freely from the net, from  I am also hosting it here to help to its wider and faster distribution. Get the article here….

I forgot one important thing about kaong fruit. The sugar palm meat at its harvest maturity is becoming  a chewy gel, somewhat similar to nata de coco, when cooked. The gelling phenomenon might be contributed by high pectin content.

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