Robusta and Liberica | Yield Visual Comparison

A visual comparison done between two coffee trees. It was a bias comparison. I chose the most prolific Robusta tree and the most prolific Liberica tree. Series of statistical procedures should be applied to avoid such bias.

In my previous post, “I bought an expensive pack of Arabica green beans“, I briefly explained that farmers wanted planting Robusta over Liberica for productive reasons. The first is way more productive than the latter.

Look at two chosen trees.

robusta cherries far view

robusta cherries near

liberica cherries far view

liberica cherries near view

For the purpose of easy identification. Liberica have wider leaves mostly pointing upwards, with wider venation and flat dull looking surface. Robusta on the other hand have smaller drooping leaves, narrow venation and groovy and shiny surface.

Keeping all other factors constant, if the two are given the same number of leaves, then Liberica should produce more cherries than Robusta. However, this is not the case. Most Libera leaves will not be productive as they will be covered with others. The covered leaves will become parasitic thus lowering overall production.

It was just my quick visual assessment  Liberica trees are known to be less productive. As of date, no known Liberica specie can match the productiveness of Robusta.

The Liberica tree has bigger cherries, about three times bigger than Robusta.

Both trees have lateral branches having nine fruit segments / fruit lumps or fruit groups. Sorry I never know the actual term! Libera usually has four to ten cherries per group. The other variety has four times more, max of 30 cherries per group I guessed.

Robusta has tree times more prolific lateral branches than Liberica.

If Liberica can produce as many cherries as Robusta. Then, many farmers will be encouraged to plant the variety. More yield can be realized since the first has bigger green beans than the latter. More income for Liberica farmers.


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