Saving The Weevil Infested Cacao Beans

While you were busy, the pesky weevils have been very busy infesting the stored cacao beans. It was almost too late when finally you have the time to roast and make some irresistible cacao tablets.

Bukbok are flying up and around upon opening the sack. Hopping on your face, skin, clothes, floor and everywhere. They are ready to infest another sack if given the chance.

Many beans have holes, spider-like webs and brown powder almost covered the entire sack.

weevil bukbok infested cacao beans

What are you going to do? Are you going to throw it away, roast it as is, or try to salvage the remaining good beans?

If you choose the latter, then the following instructions may help you.

1) Get a wire mesh. A net enough to restrain big beans but allows fall of small particles such as broken beans, stones, weevils and the powder produced by these insects.

2) Roll the beans over the wire mesh. Do it several times until well cleaned.

wire mesh and weevil bukbok powder

3) Do the hard hand and eye work. Inspect the beans one by one and save all good beans and discard the rest, those with holes and spider-like webs.

4) Roast the beans. Crack it. Winnow in front of electric fan. Repeat the winnowing two to three times. It is essential to remove any leftover weevil powders.

Too lazy and have plenty of money to spent?  Go buy another sacks of good quality beans.


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