The Cheap But Break Resistant LED Bulb

I searched for locally available unbreakable led bulb with no success. There is in local online store but I have never bought yet. For the mean time, I inclined my attention to public market where my friend told me of a cheesy story. Vendors were throwing led bulb on cemented floor with no breakage.

So I asked my wife to find the vendor for me and buy a sample. Ensure what she will get is really unbreakable. Tell the guy to throw it or whatever action that may render it destroyed.

She did. She handed me a box containing the so called unbreakable led bulb. She got it for almost half the price of popular brands. The vendor slammed the light cover part to hard surface and it never broke. Then removed the protective cover and showed her what’s inside.

break resistant led bulb

The packaging looks cheap. The whole bulb is so light weight. I can barely feel it in my hands. The assembly is a bit loose. I can hear the knocking sound by slightly shaking the base. I pulled the covering off with ease. I saw led components came off a little. The manufacturer did not bother fixing it with screws to cut down on cost. It is loosely held together in between cap and base. It was made for affordability, not for quality.

opened led bulb

The bulb cover is plastic and is indeed resistant to breakage when dropped. However, the parts are likely to separate exposing the electronic components.

What I mean. Electronic components are joined together with solder which contain lead. It is harmful and may contaminate food. In addition, small parts may came off and fall to foods.

update as of July 2016

I tried the Shock and Vibration Resistant LED bulb of Omni. It works pretty well!


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