Baking Soda in Carton Packing

baking soda easy push tab

This baking soda package is a bit different than others. Why? It violates my understanding of how products should be pack. The powder is directly packed in carton without plastic primary or lining.

baking soda easy push tab

Carton is used as secondary packaging material. As mean to give a sturdy shape and media for product information.

It is not inert. Direct contact with the substance is likely to result to undesirable result. It never provide barrier against moisture and air. The popular PP and PE plastic are excellent choices as primary but are not 100% impermeable to air.

I can’t imagine how long it gonna last in damp place. It will absorb moisture in no time. Same it true if placed near odorous compound. It absorbs foreign odors rendering it unfit.

Maybe it is packed as intended. Baking soda if used as deodorizer in freezer, refrigerator and bathroom should be changed ever 30 days. For this, just push the easy open tab and it is good to go.

On the contrary, if mishandled during distribution may end up bad before reaching consumer.


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