Coco Royal: Basil Seeds with Honey Juice

This bottled juice drink has several distinct features.

coco roya basil 1The bottle design is like a shortened baseball bat. It seemed it was the design guy’s inspiration.

It has an easy to open cap using a pull-up ring. A feature similar to easy-open can. It was my first time seeing it on a bottle. A crown needs a crown remover or any other special out of the world tricks. A screw cap is easy to remove but can get stuck sometimes making the consumer hand reddish. Has the advantage of closing the bottle again and save the unconsumed contents. On the bright side, nonreturnable cap suggest that it should be consumed immediately after opening, prevents tampering and possible spoilage arising from re-stored juice.

Has suspended small seeds. Examine it closely and notice the equally distributed seeds, which are similar to dragon fruit’s.

coco royal basil close upWhat makes the seeds suspend in a honey juice? Every seed is coated with jelly.

The product label is nice but clearly not suitable for cold moist environment. It absorbs water and damages easily even with careful handing.

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