Points to Consider in Bottle Design

If you need a glass packaging for your small-scale food processing business, you can go to Synergos or choose other possible suppliers . You have no choice but to buy a generic bottle design because asking supplier for a custom design jar/bottle package may cost you a fortune.


But some people or companies are rich enough to do so. In case you belong to these chosen few, here are some points to consider in planning your custom made bottle:

condiment, wine and jam bottle

Nominal volume. Overall dimensions and glass thickness will be dependent on this.

Cylindrical shapes and gently rounded curves are more inexpensive to produce than rectangular shapes and sharp corners.

A long neck bottlle is more expensive than shorter one.

The ratio of height to diameter should be carefully planned.  A tall and narrow package is more expensive than shorter and wider counterpart.

In addition to filled volume, head space may be needed.

A heavy finish section will raise production cost.

Special features such as asymmetrical shape, separate handles, and special surface finishes are expensive.

Non-standard colors will raise cost.

The space required for label has to be planned. It can be slightly inset on package surface that prevents label scratches during handling and distribution.

The closing method and closure type should be taken into account event at the planning stage.

If the package has to withstand internal pressure such as carbonated beverages, the wall thickness should be planned accordingly.

Packing instructions  for transportation of glass packages from manufacture to packer are important.


2 Replies to “Points to Consider in Bottle Design”

  1. We are looking for long neck bottles but we cannot find a supplier for at least 1000 pcs bottles.

    Can your company supply us.


    1. Synergos are selling long neck bottles. See this article [http://www.foodrecap.net/pack/bottle-packaging-source/] Patiently read the user’s comment to know their new location. The Asia Brewery, Laguna (I think it is somewhere in Laguna or near) is also entertaining small volume orders.

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