Brown Paper Bag | Not A Suitable Food Packaging

During my college days, while taking up my major course, the food processing. I was always thinking that food friendly packaging materials are not earth friendly. Those are good in preserving food items and itself and also able to preserve itself after disposal.

Plastics are so stable that it withstand environmental degradation. They are thrown everywhere by irresponsible we causing blockage of rivers, sewers, canals and other waterways. The worse case result of this irresponsibility is flooding causing damage to properties, injuries and lost of lives.

What if a ban on plastic usage was implemented? That was my question before and I am experiencing the answer now. A ban on sando bags and styrofor products is under effect in our whole province. This never apply to factory packed products however. Piattos in its very own packaging is fine. Chicharon package in factory is fine too. Placing the Piattos chip in sando bag is punishable. If you are retailing chicharon, placing it in single thin cellophane is fine but using a brown paper bag is recommended.

Experienced undesirable effects. The unfriendliness of brown paper bags to food.

She bought some donuts. The crew placed it in brown paper bag. The paper was getting wet after few moment. She stopped by her favorite bakery and got some cheese bread. It was also packed in paper bag. It resulted to the same situated, wet paper bag after a while.

moist brown paper bag

What if a total plastic ban is to be implemented? Is it goodbye to huge amount of shelf stable foods on grocery shelves?


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