Uncommon Ways to Open a Crowned Bottle

Opening a crowned bottle is very easy. It can be lifted using a piece of bottle opener. A single piece of device or a feature attached to other object such a knife, swiss knife and can opener. Usually, the store keeper will open the bottle and transfer it to plastic. Anyone should not worry about opening it.

In party gatherings and alcohol drinking sessions, different people have different ways of opening a bottle, even if a decent opener is available. Often done to show their skills.

1) A bottle opener or crown remover. A piece of metal specifically designed for removing crowns. It can be wall mounted, a key chain of a feature of utensil. No special ability required.

crowned bottle opening

2) Teeth. Some individuals like to show how strong their teeth are. They are forcing the crowns off using bare teeth. Doing it once in a while is fine but opening a dozen in a row will hurt teeth and gums. Teeth are made for grinding down foods, not for removing crown caps.

opening a bottle using teeth

3) Spoon. Done by holding the bottle just beneath the crown and forcing if off with a spoon. The hand will serve as support for spoon lever.

removing a crown by means of spoon

4) On a Hard Edge. I often do this thing. Place the bottle on side of a hard wood orĀ  cement. The crown side should be on top. Then tap the crown. Doing it right will remove the crown or will result to broken bottle, broken cement or scratched wood.

opening crowned bottle by tapping on hard object

5) Crown to Crown. Alcohol drinkers often do this. They are using a bottle to open another bottle. A crown is used to lift a crown of another. It is not recommended cause it often result to breakage and content spillage. Pro practitioner often do it right though.

crown to crown opening


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